The overarching objective as Senior Art Director for the L.L.Bean web site was to consistently create an online experience that aligned with and advanced the customer's expectations of the brand. Perhaps the biggest differentiator for L.L.Bean is it's reputation for world class customer service. The fundamental goal on any project was to leverage the unique and inherent strengths of the web medium to deliver that world class experience.

Following are just a few examples - commerce and editorial.

L.L.Bean - Book Pack Guide

Book Pack Guide
Design and Art Direct one of the largest seasonal revenue generators for the business. Cross-functional collaboration with copywriters, programmers, product developer and product line managers along with counterparts in catalog and retail to assure conscious visual synergy throughout the campaign.

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Site Patrol - The Cyber Thief

Interactive Timeline
Design and Art Direct a comprehensive and compelling timeline promoting major milestones in the company's history.

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